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Frequently Asked Questions

You'll find below answers to common questions about the London Sangerstevne.  Should you have any specific queries which are not answered anywhere on our website, please contact us directly and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

Q:  Who can take part in the London Sangerstevne?

A:  The London Sangerstevne is a non-competitive, international choral festival open to all youth and adult choirs, whether amateur or professional, large or small, sacred or secular.  A list of previous participants can be viewed here.

Q:  How much does it cost to take part in the festival?

A:  There is a participation fee of £8 per singer, which includes a complimentary copy of the official festival programme for each singer.  No participation charges will be levied for choir conductors, musicians and accompanists.  The deadline for the settlement of choir fees is 15th April.  The choir fees also include a non-refundable £40 deposit, payable by 31st January in order to secure the booking.  Click here for details on how to settle your choir fees, which contribute towards the costs of running and promoting the festival weekend.  In the event of high demand, choirs that do not settle their £40 booking deposit in time may see their participation at the festival weekend forfeited and allocated to another prospective choir.

Q:  How much does it cost to attend the concerts and where can we buy tickets?

A:  Depending on the performance venue, public admission to each of the London Sangerstevne concerts will either be free (retiring collection) or ticketed. 

Q:  What financial support can you offer participating choirs?

A:  The London Sangerstevne is a not-for-profit volunteer partnership, and we do not benefit from any government or lottery funding.  We regret that we are not able to contribute financially towards transport or accommodation costs incurred by participating choirs.  For more information about finding hotel accommodation in London, please click here.

Q:  Can you help us find suitable accommodation near the main festival venue?

A:  There are several hotel chains, youth hostels and guesthouses offering budget accommodation near the Saturday main festival venue.  Large choirs may wish to recruit the help of professional hotel booking agents to make their reservation.

Q:  Will our choir be able to promote our forthcoming concerts at the festival?

A:  Tables will be placed at the door of the festival venue in order to display choir promotional material.  Participating choirs are also invited to make their own concert announcements at the start or end of their performance slots.  CD recordings may be sold during the concert breaks by participating choirs.  Choirs may also place an advertisement in the official festival programme and on our website (click here for display details and advertising rates).

Q:  What happens if our choir can no longer take part after we've registered?

A:  Advise us immediately of your change of circumstances and we shall refund your participation fees in full (there is no cancellation charge for doing this).  We will retain the £40 booking deposit to help us cover administrative costs incurred.  Email directly to get in touch.

Q:  Do we have to stay for the whole of the Saturday main festival?

A:  Members of the audience may come and leave as they wish during the day.  However, we invite performing choirs to stay for at least the duration of the concert in which they are singing and show their support for the other participants.

Q:  When will we find out about the weekend festival programme details?

A:  Shortly after the festival entry deadline, usually in early April.  The Festival Chorus pieces can be downloaded free of charge from our website.  Click here for details.

Q:  Are prizes awarded during the International Choral Festival Weekend?

A:  The London Sangerstevne is a non-competitive community event that brings together people who have a passion for choral singing, so they can sing to each other, socialise and exchange ideas of repertoire.  Awards, medals and prizes are not awarded to participating choirs.  However, we'll be all too happy to issue certificates of participation on request.​