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Originated in Norway, a Sangerstevne literally means a 'Congress of Singers'.


norwegianfestivals.jpgSangerstevne festivals are major national events in Norway, where choirs from all over the country gather for several days to meet old friends, exchange ideas of repertoires and sing to each other in a relaxed and non-competitive atmosphere.

A large festival may include over 1,500 singers and last for a whole weekend, often with parallel concerts taking place in various locations.

The concept was brought back to the UK by Philip Norman, who participated in many such festivals in Norway whilst working there as an organist and choral conductor.

* * *

The first London Sangerstevne was held in May 2004 at St John's Church, Leytonstone and has been running annually ever since with great success, in past association with St John's Church Choir and Questors Choir, now managed independently by lead event organisers Philip Norman and Christine Didelot with the assistance of a dedicated team of volunteers.

Click here for a full list of youth and adult choirs who performed at previous London Sangerstevne festivals.